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The Yokochi Fund

 The Yokochi Fund, officially called the Chihiro and Kiyoko Yokochi Fund, was established in January 1999 through a donation by Chihiro Yokochi, M. D., Emeritus Professor of Anatomy of the Kanagawa Dental College, Yokosuka, Japan in memory of his beloved wife, the late Kiyoko Yokochi, who died in September 1995. It was her wish to organize a scholarship program for German medical researchers. The aim of the fund is to promote a special program to financially support young German researchers who wish to pursue basic medical research in medical schools, dental schools or institutes in Japan.
From February 2000 to December 2017, the Yokochi Fund in The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation granted a total of 76.31 million yen in subsidies to 23 people. The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation would like to express our deepest gratitude for the donation by Prof. Yokochi and for the support and cooperation of the concerned parties.
(For more information, please refer to “Yokochi Fund” and “Why Yokochi Fund?” on the website of Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kummer at the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology of Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen.)
Please note that this subsidy is scheduled to be completed at the end of March 2019; 20 years after the establishment of the Yokochi Fund. The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation would like to encourage you to apply to this scholarship program as soon as you can, since there is little time remaining before this program terminates.

(1) Type of Scholarship
Special scholarship program to financially support young German researchers who wish to pursue basic medical research in medical schools, dental schools or institutes in Japan.
(2) Application Requirements
Applicants must be citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and should not be older than 40 years at the time of submission of the application. They must either be currently pursuing medical research in the FRG (Case A) or have already come to Japan to engage in basic medical research in Japanese medical schools, dental schools or institutes. (Case B)
(3) Quota to be Accepted
Two to three recipients per year
(4) Application Period
The period of support covers three months, six months or longer, but generally does not exceed one year. In exceptional cases the period of support can be extended over one year if justified by the project. The decision about this will be made by the Scholarship Committee of The Yokochi Fund.
There are two selection opportunities in a year: for the first round of selections, the applicants should submit the necessary documents not later than November 30th every year and for the second, May 31st every year.Applications are accepted at any time of the year.
(5) Amount of Scholarship
A monthly amount of ¥420,000 will be granted for the stay in Japan. In addition, an economy class (Y-class) round-trip airfare between Germany and Japan will be supplied to the recipients in Case A mentioned in (2) Application Requirement. The recipients in Case B, who have already come to Japan, shall not be entitled to receive the above-mentioned airfare.
(6) Documents to be Submitted
Applicants shall submit the following documents to the following address:

  • 1. A certificate issued by the host Japanese institute stating that the applicant will be accepted as a scholar.
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae.
  • 3. Short outline of study plan (not exceeding 2 pages)
  • 4. Application form (see below)

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang. Kummer
Institut für Anatomie und Zellbiologie
Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen
Aulweg 123
D-35385 Giessen, Germany
Phone: 0641-99-47000
Fax: 0641-99-47009
(7) Application Form
The application form must be completed in English. Please click here to download the application form.
[Application Form-Yokochi (MS Word)]
[Application Form-Yokochi (PDF File)]
(8) Selection Process
The selection will be made by The Yokochi Fund’s Scholarship Committee on the basis of a thorough examination of the submitted documents. The final decision will be made by the board of directors.
(9) Notice of Acceptance
A letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent out directly to all applicants as soon as practicable.
(10) Research Report
All recipients of the scholarship grants must submit to Prof. Dr. W. Kummer their research reports within six months after finishing the stay in Japan. Please click here to download the form of the research report.